5 Best Push Notification WordPress Plugins in 2019

If you want to build a great connection with your audience, you must use push notification WordPress plugins. They help you grow and keep you ahead in the growing online market. The use of these plugins is rapidly increasing from time to time as they are helpful in various ways.

Through the push notification plugin, a message is delivered to your visitors regarding a new update on your website. The visitors are asked if they want to get notifications related to your site when they visit for the first time on your website. If they allow it, you can inform them all of your website updates through notifications.

The push notifications feature comes with both pros and cons. If we talk about advantages, it brings traffic to your website as your followers regularly visit your site. But you can even lose your followers if you send multiple notifications from time to time.

Best Push Notification WordPress Plugins to Use in 2019:

1. OneSignal

OneSignal comes as a free push notifications plugin for both the web and mobile devices. It is compatible with multiple browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and more. You can update your followers with a new post every time you publish one.

2. PushEngage

Same as OneSignal, PushEngage allows you to send push notifications to both mobile and desktop users. You need to install this plugin on your website by creating a PushEngage account. It is free up to 120 notifications and 2500 subscribers monthly, but you need to pay if the numbers exceed the limit.

3. Smart Notifications Plugin

Smart Notification WordPress plugin is an ideal all in one plugin for both web and mobile. Not only push notifications, but you can connect with your audience through the newsletter and Facebook Messenger with the use of this plugin. It allows you to access plenty of useful tools through which you can track click and views as well as fetch GPS locations.

4. PushCrew

PushCrew is yet another great plugin for push notifications. It also asks you to create a PushCrew account to use the plugin and lets you provide push notification service for free to up to 2000 subscribers. This plugin includes various exciting features to send push notifications smartly and attract more visitors.

5. Roost Web Push

If you want detailed analytics and option to personalize notifications, the Roost Web Push plugin is the perfect solution for you. It supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers and helps you enhance the conversion rates. You can easily and quickly set up this plugin, and send push notifications to a large number of users in a minute.


Push notifications help bring a positive change on your website. This blog features the list of best push notification plugins for WordPress websites. Choose the ideal push notification plugin according to your need and use them effectively.

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